Have you ever wanted to play the games that Korean idols play in variety shows? The idols always look like they’re having lots of fun and now you can join in too. Here are just 5 examples of games from variety shows that you can play with friends.

1. Cham Cham Cham

There is an attacker and defender. The roles are determined by rock paper scissors. Both players shout “Cham Cham Cham” and after the last “Cham”, the attacker moves their hands left or right. The defender, at the same time, has to try to move their head the opposite direction. If the defender moves in the same direction as the attacker’s hand, they lose. If the defender moves in the opposite direction, they pass and become the attacker. 

See BTS play Cham Cham Cham:

2. Chicken Fight 

Grab one of your ankles so that you are standing on one leg and then attempt to knock over the other players with your leg. Your goal is to be the last one standing. To make it harder, make the playing area smaller so that players are close together and cannot move outside of the designated area.

See Seventeen play Chicken Fight:

3. ASMR Game 

With the ASMR game , you try to complete a task like cooking without making noises that go over 70 decibels. If you go over 70 decibels, you get a punishment such as wearing unusual items of clothing or costumes. You will need a sound meter or you can download a decibel meter app to play.

See NU’EST play the ASMR Game:

4. Whisper Challenge 

The Whisper Challenge is similar to the game Broken Telephone but instead of whispering, you say your message aloud to the next player who has headphones on that is blasting music so they can’t hear. The other player has to try to read your lips. To win, the last player in your team has to guess the correct message that was said by the first player. 

See Twice play the Whisper Challenge: 

5. Hello Cleopatra

Hello Cleopatra is a pitch game where you have to sing or scream “Hello, Cleopatra. The best potato chip in the world” (in Korean) in a higher key than the previous player. If your key is lower, you’re out and the game starts over again until there is one final person left who is therefore the winner. 

See Super Junior play against Oh My Girl!: 

What other games in variety shows do you want to play? Have you played any of these games?