After producing the hit song “MOVE” for Produce X 101, ZICO makes his comeback as a solo artist with a new album. On November 8th, 2019 Zico released “THINKING Part.2” which is the second half of “THINKING,” his first full length solo album in 8 years since he debuted. The title track of the album is “남겨짐에 대해” (Being Left) (Feat. Dvwn). 

Image from HIPHOPKR

“남겨짐에 대해” (Being Left) was composed, written, and arranged by Zico and the song takes a more emotional approach – different from Zico’s usual style of hip hop and rap. The music video for the song tells the story of a woman being left by her loved ones possibly due to a break up or death. Another possible interpretation is a child growing up and leaving as there is a scene in the music video which shows dinosaur figures (at 1:29). Also, at 1:40 in the music video, we can see a young man that passes the woman in the music video. Actress Bae Jong Ok stars as the lonely women in the music video. 

Check out the music video to see these references: 

The meaning of being left is when someone is left behind, they still hold the positive memories of their loved ones and don’t want to let go. Being left is not all negative as it can be an opportunity to start fresh and a starting point for new relationships and love, as said by Zico. 

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