Not everyone loves rain, but here are 5 songs that will get you in the mood for a rainy day:

1. “Rain” by Taeyeon 

Taeyeon’s “Rain,” from SM Station Season 1, is a smooth jazz and R&B song. Taeyeon sings about remembering a painful break up whenever she sees rain fall. The rain represents her tears from the breakup. Even if you aren’t going through a breakup, “Rain” is a good song to listen to on a rainy day because it’s calming and because Taeyeon’s voice really brings out the emotion of the song.

2. “It Rains” by Kang Seungyoon 

Did you know Kang Seungyoon was a solo artist before becoming the leader and maknae of Winner? Kang Seungyoon’s first single in YG Entertainment was “It Rains.” “It Rains” talks about the pain of a breakup and really captures the feeling of being in the rain. 

3. “Rain Forever” by RM 

RM’s “Rain Forever” talks about how rain can hide your tears and sadness. When it rains, he feels time slows down as his life is very fast paced. He just wants some peace and quiet from his life. The rain is calm compared to the fast and busy lives we experience. This song can help you to unwind and relax. 

4. You, Clouds, Rain” by Heize (Featuring Shin Yong Jae)

Heize’s “You, Clouds, Rain,” featuring Shin Yong Jae, talks about a couple remembering each other and the happiness they once had. Once the rain stops, they will return to their normal lives, apart from each other. 

5. “Summer Rain” by Gfriend 

Gfriend’s “Summer Rain” is a soft ballad from their album Parallel. “Summer Rain” talks about a boy that had strong feelings for a girl, but wasn’t able to express it as the future was unclear. Just like how the “Summer Rain” passed by, their time together came to an end.

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