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SuperM also, known as the “Avengers of K-pop” by many fans made their debut with the song “Jopping” on October 3, 2019. SuperM is a K-pop boy group formed by SM Entertainment comprised of 7 members of their top boy groups: SHINee, EXO, NCT 127, and WayV. Their music video for “Jopping” currently has over 34.6 million views and the #SuperM_Jopping was trending number 1 worldwide on Twitter within 30 minutes of the release of their MV.

Why are they called the Avengers of K-pop?

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SuperM, like their group name, are the supergroup made up of  7 popular members of SM Entertainment boy groups. They are SM’s first group dedicated to promoting in the US. Members include SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai and Baekhyun, NCT 127’s Mark and Taeyong, and WayV’s Ten and Lucas. 

Why was SuperM created?

According to Lee Soo Man, CEO of SM Entertainment, during Capitol Congress 2019, he was asked by Capitol Music CEO, Steve Barnett, to create a new team that would combine the energy and style of the east and west together. Lee Soo Man did just that as the group encompasses the core values of K-pop which are dance, rap, vocals, fashion, etc. 

As well as being talented, many of the members are multilingual. SuperM’s Taemin speaks Korean and Japanese, Mark speaks Korean and English, Ten speaks Thai, English, Korean, and Mandarin, and Lucas speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Korean. 

Album Intro

SuperM’s debut album is called “SuperM – The First Mini Album” and contains 5 songs including the title song “Jopping.” Other songs on the album are  “I Can’t Stand The Rain”, “2 Fast”, “Super Car”, and “No Manners.” All songs are in English unlike your regular K-pop albums. 

What does “Jopping” mean?

Jopping is a combination of jumping and popping as stated by SuperM on The Ellen Show. Other interpretations of the word “Jopping” are a combination of the dance styles jive and bobbing, and the action of killing it with your dance. “Jopping” takes a futuristic approach in music and has powerful choreography to accompany it. With the song, they want to bring the party vibes to the US. 

Check out the music video for yourself: