Mnet’s upcoming romance reality show, “Love Catcher” has confirmed their cast of “watchers”

The main premise of Mnet’s “Love Catcher” is surrounded by the psychology of love but with a compelling twist. Contestants will be living together for eight days to find their true love. However, some of them will be “love catchers” while there are “money catchers” lurking in the group who are looking to win a sum of 50 million won. Because no one really knows who is what, there will be a difficult journey ahead for all contestants to find their true love.

There is also a third role, “watchers” where they serve to overlook the contestants’ actions and figure out their role in the game. So far, the cast of “watchers” will include Shin Dong Yup, Hong Suk Chun, Jang Do Yeon, Lady Jane, mystery author Jun Gun Woo, and NU’EST’s JR!

From understanding the psychology of both men and women, detecting lies and deceit, to speaking for female contestants, each cast has their own role for the show. With NU’EST’s JR, he will be relating to the contestants the most and will either laugh or cry with them.

While each watcher will analyze the actions of the contestants, let’s see if they can all work collectively to figure out who is a “love catcher” and who is a “money catcher”!