On June 6, MNH Entertainment made an official post on their twitter account regarding Chungha’s fanclub name, 별하랑 aka BYULHARANG

While the logo gives a cuddly feel coupled with the softened hues, the agency goes deep into the meaning behind the logo. After learning more about the fanclub name, fans couldn’t help but love it even more in which it translates:

“Byulharang represents the stars that are with Chungha, the moon. Byul meaning star, Ha coming from Chungha’s name, and Rang meaning with, so literally meaning “Stars with Chungha”.

In essence, the emerging artist Chungha represents the crescent moon and the stars that blanket the sky represent the fans. When the stars and the crescent moon are formed into one unity, it conceptualizes into a full moon which is how Byulhurang was born!

MNH Entertainment definitely gave the meaning some thought!