2NE1 Activities in the US after completion of activities. And three years of blank. CL expressed his sincere respect for the time. On the 14th broadcast tvN ‘The double life of those guys’, the meeting of CEL and Jeremy Scott was drawn.

CL, who ate the Korean bibim noodles as a snack, appealed to the sufferer with the aftereffects. “I was too ugly on my face today,” Seel said, looking at my face in the camera. I had a lot of face because of midnight snack. The front view is too wide. ”

But in front of the camera again, Sun Seel was dressed gorgeously. I was surprised at the MC in the dress with the chest line exposed coolly. Seel is dressed to meet world designer Jeremy Scott. On this day, Seel found Jeremy Scott ‘s mansion and admired MCs for the mansions that he had seen in Hollywood movies.

Jeremy Scott, who has been at the show for 10 years, said, “It is my muse. From the first day I met, “he expressed affection. Seel also confessed to what he had hidden in front of Jeremy. She said, “In Korea, I was not burdened with trying to work hard for me and my people. Everything was confusing and I lost confidence for two or three years. I even heard that I was wasting my time when I returned to Korea. ”

“I was frustrated. I’d like to sing, but the last two or three years have been the time to fill myself. It was a really necessary time for me. ” Jeremy encouraged that kind of friendship.