Warner won the day off and enjoyed healing.

On the 8th, Mnet ‘Warner Bros: Zero Bass’, Warner One members were drawn to Warner One who enjoyed their free time at zero base.


Warner One members who visited ‘Zero Base’ for a long time on this day fell into a miserable situation in ‘Zero Bastion’ prepared for ‘Zero Base’. Lee Dae-hui screamed, “It’s been too long since Pikachu Dongasu.”

Kim Jae-hwan discovered a full set of comic costumes. From Bruce Lee’s yellow training suit to sumo costume, there were many funny things, and Onggwoo cried Bruce Lee, Bing’s, “Awakening”, stirring the zero bass and laughing.

Migrants Lee Dae-hui, Park Ji-hoon and Bae Jin-young have started paragliding.

Park Ji-hoon, who likes the usual high place, laughed, saying, “I like falling in the air. Dahyu, who dislikes the usual scary place, is trembling with fear, and relies on Park Ji-hoon, saying, “Here, brother is his eldest brother.”

Yoon Ji-sung went to the driver’s license school together with Kim Jae Hwan and Hwang Min Hyun in order to re-test the driver’s license test,

The members asked why they had not been licensed so far, and Yoon Ji-sung revealed that he had been involved in a traffic accident in the past, and he showed his intention that “I was troubled by the trauma, but now I have to get a license.

Yoon Ji-sung, who arrived at the driving school together with the members, challenged the functional test, and although he was scored, he was fortunate enough to pass the functional test and get the opportunity to drive on the road,

Members who returned to the hostel, “Warner One won the first place” and “Warner Wonbae laughing enthusiasm” was held.

From the costume costume to the use of props, as well as the members who put their bodies down, the meaning of ‘laughing patient’ has long been gone and the members have laughed at the floor.

And Lee Dae-hui, Park Ji-hoon, and Jin-young Bae successfully challenged paragliding.