Bangladeshi boycotts, which made a surprise in Korean society by appearing in overseas awards ceremony and famous TV shows, returned home and held a solo concert. The debut of the Bulletproof Boys’ Live Trilogy 3 The Wings Tour the Final (2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR THE FINAL), which runs from August 8th to 10th,

At the concert that started at 7 pm, the Bulletproof Boys said in the video, “(debut) that we met was indifference and external cynicism. We fell and sat down but did not give up. You have to cross the desert reach the sea. We find another desert and we walk again. ” After the screening of the “Top Social Artist” award at the Billboard Music Awards held in Las Vegas in May, the Bang Bang Boys were on stage.

I was proud and confident that I had been rewarded for the tears of blood sweating over the sadness I had experienced starting from a major non-professional agency. The Bulletproof Boys broke the expectation that they would perform with hit songs, and they showed songs that were not included in the 1st or 2nd album or the regular album on the stage. ‘We are bulletproof PT.2’ and ‘So far away’. The Bulletproof Boys said in the video, “I just could not get anything just by doing it hard. Dream enthusiasm efforts. It seemed that there was no power “, and in the audience, the cheering of” No! “Came out.

Mira Aziz (25, female), who visited Seoul in a pink hijab with a hijab, said, “I attended the Jakarta concert in April but was the first to see a concert in Seoul.” He said, “The music that forms a consensus” as a charm of the bulletproof boy band, he stole his eyes, saying, “I heard that bulletproof music has got me courage and comfort.” On this day, more than 20,000 fans gathered in Gochek Dome.

The bulletproof boy band will hold a fan meeting on the 13th and 14th of January next year under the title of “Happy Ever After” at the Gochek Dome.